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Best Hair Extensions Salon In London

Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for the best hair extensions salon in London, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of skilled extensionists  have been trained by industry experts Louise Bailey and Moe Harb in the art of hair extension application, cutting and styling.

Louise and Moe are highly skilled experts in the field of hair extensions with over 40 years of combined experience. Louise is a master craftsman member of the Hair Council and a qualified PTTLS teacher; she is well-known throughout the industry and has trained hundreds of students and salons around the world in her unique style of application and cutting techniques, including the team at Harrods hair and beauty salon. Whilst Moe Harb is renowned for his signature free-hand hair colour technique, it’s his global experience developing top brands in the hair extension industry over the last two decades that has made him become an iconic industry name. Featured in the likes of Forbes magazine, Moe was one of the first hairdressers in the world to use tape-in hair extensions for lengthening hair whilst working at Hairdreams International as a trainer. Their combined wealth of knowledge has been passed onto our team in order to deliver the most natural-looking hair extensions achievable.

At the Beauty Club London, we take pride in our team of talented and dedicated professionals who share Louise and Moes’s passion for creating natural-looking hair extensions. With their in-salon guidance, and the highest quality human hair available, our team can produce results that not only look but feel natural. Whether you’re looking for length, volume, or simply a new style, as a leading salon for hair extensions in London, our team has the skills and expertise to help you achieve your dream hair.

Hair Extension Transformations

tape hair extensions london

Best Semi-Permenant Option

Tape In Hair Extensions

tape hair extensions london

Tape in hair extensions have now become the most sought-after method for extending hair, and for very good reason. The extensions are attached to your natural hair using medical-grade adhesive tape, giving you instant volume and length whilst remaining completely undetectable and maintaining the health of your natural hair when applied by a skilled hair extensionist.

Tape hair extensions are designed to be reusable and can be re-fitted 3 to 4 times depending on how often you wash your hair and how they’re cared for. Approximately 6-8 weeks after your tape-in hair extensions have been fitted, you will need to schedule a maintenance appointment. As your hair grows naturally, the tapes will gradually move further away from the scalp, eventually becoming visible. During your appointment, the extensions will be carefully removed and then re-positioned closer to the scalp to maintain a natural look.


The usual downside of tape in hair extensions is their inability to change hairstyles without the attachment points showing. However, our skilled team of hair extensionists strategically position the tapes to allow you to wear your hair up in a bun or switch to a high or low ponytail without the attachment points being visible. Using Moe and Louise’s unique application technique, they take time to place the tapes in the most discreet locations possible.

Same Day Fittings

We hold a full stock of the finest quality 100% human Remy tape in hair extensions in a wide range of colours, lengths, and textures, allowing clients to browse through our extensive hair collection before having the hair fitted. Whether you have a special occasion or just want to switch up your look, our same-day fittings make it easy to get the hair you want on short notice.


Invisible Tape Hair Extensions

Invisible tape hair extensions are a new design that mimics natural hair growth. Hairs are injected into the tape area, giving the appearance of hair growing out from the top of the tape, similar to how a wig is made. This variation of tape hair extensions is best used closer to the “crown” since they stick out, resulting in an unnatural appearance. Invisible tape hair extensions are much easier to apply since they don’t require as much skill or technical knowledge to hide the attachment points compared to regular tapes.

Regular Tape Hair Extensions

Regular tape hair extensions are a more “traditional” method. Unlike invisible tape hair extensions, regular tape hair extensions are less bulky in the head since they don’t have hairs injected directly into the tape area. Regular tape hair extensions are our preferred method; we use a new kind of tape that is ¼ of the original height, allowing them to remain undetectable and blend perfectly with your natural hair, even when styled.

Best Long Term Option

Bonded hair extensions

pre bonded hair extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are a more conventional method and continue to be a popular choice among those looking for longer, fuller hair. This method involves bonding extensions to the client’s natural hair using a keratin formula. With proper care and maintenance, bonded hair extensions can last up to 4 months before needing to be replaced.

pre bonded hair extensions

Bonding Process

The bonding process of pre-bonded hair extensions involves melting each individual bond with either hot or cold fusion, which is then cooled in order to form a solid bond. With proper care and maintenance, these bonds can last up to 4 months. 

When it comes to pre-bonded hair extensions, it is important to understand that they cannot be reused. This means that after approximately 3 to 4 months of use, they will need to be replaced. This is because the section of natural hair that we isolate to fit the bonded extensions will experience natural shedding, whereas the hair extension attached to it will not. On average, natural hair reduces by approximately 10% each month, which means that by the fourth month, you are left with only 60% of your natural hair supporting a bond that is the same weight as before. This hair-to-bond ratio can become problematic when left for long periods of time, as the natural hair holding the bond can eventually become vulnerable to damage.


We pride ourselves on using only the best quality hair for our pre-bonded extensions. HairDreams 5-star and 7-star hair is widely recognized in the industry for their high quality. When you choose HairDreams pre-bonded extensions, you can be confident that you are getting the best of the best.

It is important to note that people with thin or fine hair may not be suitable for bonded hair extensions as they can cause damage to the natural hair. In such cases, tape or clip-in hair extensions may be a better option in order to create even coverage and thickness whilst retaining the health of the natural hair.

clip in hair extensions

Best Temporary Option

Clip In Hair Extensions

clip in hair extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions are a temporary way of adding volume and length to your hair for special occasions and nights out. The clips are attached to your natural hair and hidden by attaching them close to your scalp, allowing the clips to be completely hidden so that the extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair.

It’s important to achieve a perfect colour match with clip-in hair extensions; hence it’s recommended to have a stylist help choose the right pieces and cut them to suit your desired hairstyle.

Wide range Of Colours available

At Beauty Club London, we have 21 shades of clip-ins in stock, ensuring a perfect colour match. Our team is available to colour-match, cut, and style the clip-ins to suit your desired hairstyle. We use Extension Professional clip-in hair extensions made from 100% human Remy hair,  which are high quality and long-lasting. When cared for properly, our clip-in hair extensions can last for many years.

Hair extension colour matching

Best Hair Extensions Salon In London

To achieve natural-looking hair extensions, it’s crucial to have high-quality human hair and a perfect colour match that blends seamlessly with your natural hair. At Beauty Club London, we have highly experienced specialists in both Hair Colour and Hair Extensions, enabling us to create a flawless overall finish that looks completely natural.

Before your hair extension application, you may need a colour touch-up or complete change if you’re looking for a significant transformation. We work closely with Moe and Shady Harb, who have been colouring hair since 2001 and specialise in hair colour specifically for extensions. The Harb brothers and their team of colour experts will ensure your hair colour matches your new extensions perfectly.

Best Hair Extensions Salon In London

Ask in-store or give us a call for more details or quotes (available on hair extensions only.) To find out more about Klarna, click here >

Are you looking for the best hair extensions near me? Beauty Club London offers a wide range of high-quality hair extensions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our extensions are crafted using only the finest human hair and are designed to last. Our team of hair extension technicians are experts in installation and cutting techniques, and with our full stock of hair, we can provide fittings on the same day as your consultation.

Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have, so whether you’re looking to add extra length or thickness to your hair, we’re here to help. Our salon is located at 28 Market Place, W1W 8AW, just a 7-minute walk away from Soho and Regent Street, and a little over 10 minutes walk from Marylebone and Fitzrovia. If you’re travelling by train, simply get off at Oxford Circus station, and we’re just a 3-minute walk away. To find us, simply search for “best hair extensions near me”, or use the Whatsapp button located below on the right to send us a message. Alternatively, you can visit our contact page for more options.

Professional hair extension removal near me

If you’re thinking about removing your hair extensions, you should know a few things. First, it’s essential to find a hair extensionist who is trained on how to remove the method that has been applied to your hair. There are a lot of DIY methods out there, but they will most likely damage your hair. Removing hair extensions is a delicate process.

Each application method has a different removal technique, and each brand needs its own solution to best remove the product.  It is essential to use the correct solution to remove certain products to prevent damage to natural hair.

Depending on the adhesive applied, tape hair extensions require a tape-release spray to get them out. When the correct solution is used, the tapes should slide out with ease with no damage to the natural hair. 

Bonded hair extensions need a bond release agent to get them out; whether you have a keratin bond or a glue bond will determine if you need an alcohol or oil-based removal solution. Bonded hair extensions are much more time-consuming to remove from the head and need to be done with extreme care and attention to prevent any damage to the natural hair. 

 Once your extensions have been removed, you’ll likely need a little trim, especially if you have been wearing extensions for an extended period. Get in touch for a free consultation if you are looking for professional hair extension removal with one of our specialists.