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If you’re looking for the best hair extensions salon in London – you’ve come to the right place.

The Hair Extension Lab within Beauty Club London is the best hair extensions salon in the middle of Oxford Circus, specialising in all types of hair extensions.

Our specialist hair extension salon recognises that everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to their hair. At Beauty Club London’s Hair Extension Lab, we offer various hair extension methods in order for you to find the one that suits your lifestyle and natural hair. Whether you want tape-in extensions, micro-ring extensions or to buy clip-in extensions in Oxford Street, we can help you find the right hair extensions for you.

hair extensions salon in oxford circus

The Hair Extension Lab located at the Beauty Club London is proud to work with some of the most known names in the industry including the hair extension industry expert Louise Bailey,, Moe Harb and Hadley Yates, and Chloe Sandoz. Beauty Club London has the industry’s best hair extensions specialists on-hand to offer you all the methods of hair extensions.

Trained by the industry experts, the hair extension specialists at the Beauty Club London are the best in the business. The Hair Extension Lab specialises in and offers bespoke tape hair extension services along with pre-bonded keratin hair extensions. With a large stock of d hair extensions at our finger tips we can service clients that want hair extensions right now! This makes us one of the few salons in London that can offer consultation and hair extensions on the same day.

As a leading salon for hair extensions in London, the Hair Extension Lab also offers a range of clip-in hair extensions that can be colour-matched by our experts and blended when you purchase your clip-in extensions in the salon.

The Hair Extension Lab at the Beauty Club London is home for the team of hair extension specialists trained in the art of applying different types of hair extensions so you can get a hair extension method that’s right for you at a price that is right for you. Book your bespoke consultation with one of our hair extensions salon team now.

Have your hair extensions styled by the best in the business at Beauty Club London

While we do offer other hair services, we are one of the few salons in London that specialise in hair extensions. While other hairdressers and salons might offer hair extensions as an add-on service doing a few clients a month, clients travel to our specialist salon specifically for the best hair extensions. By doing so many clients a week, it has helped us become experts in what we do and ensure you get the best possible bespoke service and natural result at our specialist hair extensions salon.

Featured in the likes of Forbes, our London hair extensions salon in Oxford Circus specialises in the art of tape extensions. Tape hair extensions are one of the most popular choices of hair extension methods in the salon because our hair extension experts can apply them quickly, offering a speedy in and out experience while you’re Oxford street shopping.

At Beauty Club London’s Hair Extension Lab. you can have a full head of tape extensions fitted in around 45 minutes. Plus we use the best quality hair to ensure your London hair extension service us the best of the best.

the london hair extension lab, oxford circus

We pride ourselves in our ability to expertly colour match any hair colour through blending or colouring of the hair with the UK’s best hair colourist Moe Harb. If you want natural-looking hair extensions, perfect colour matching and blending the hair extensions to your natural hair is key to ensure they look as natural as possible.

We work very closely with our premium hair suppliers and ensure all our hair is ethically sourced. We use only the very best hair and have it all in stock in the salon. Therefore you can have your hair extension consultation and fitting on the same day, and we can add more hair, a different length or colour on the day, if your requirements change.

Our 100% human hair extensions come in a huge variety of colours, lengths and styles. You can even pop into the salon and see them on display and have a free consultation if you’re still thinking about it. Plus, you can reuse our hair extensions multiple times with zero damage to the quality.

Ask in store for more details available on hair extensions only.

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