Tape In Hair Extensions

Length & Volume for all hair types

A semi-permanent option to add length and volume while prioritising the health of your natural hair


What are tape hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions have quickly become the most popular method used to extend hair, and for good reason. They can give you instant length, volume and variegated colour, while allowing your natural hair to grow healthy and strong when applied correctly by a skilled hair extensionist.

Tape in extensions are designed to be semi-permanent, meaning the hair has to be re-fitted every 6-8 weeks. With this application method, the hair you purchase is reusable. How often you wash and how you care for your hair will determine how many times your new tape in extensions can be re-fitted.

100% human hair

Our Hair

We are proud to be involved throughout the entire sourcing, production, and quality control process of our tape in hair extensions. Our strict selection procedure ensures that all cuticles are intact, healthy and aligned in the same direction (meaning they all come from the same donor). Resulting in longer-lasting, lightweight and voluminous extensions that have a natural wave with shine from roots to ends.

The majority of ‘human’ hair extensions are made with dyed, bleached, or damaged hair and treated with silicon to make them appear healthy. However, after a few washes, the synthetic treatment is removed, exposing the true condition of the hair, which can become dull, straw-like, and easily tangled. We exclusively use healthy, untreated raw hair that hasn’t been synthetically processed using harsh dyes, bleaches or hennas.

You’re welcome to visit the salon, where we have a fully stocked hair display so that you can feel the difference and compare the quality.

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Know your tapes

What makes our tapes unique

Traditional tapes have been used for many years. They’re less bulky in the head than tapes injected with hair but are easily visible when worn in different styles.

Invisible tapes have individual hairs ‘injected’ into the tape area to create the appearance of roots, giving the impression that the hair is growing from the side of the tape. Invisible tape extensions are particularly thick and suitable for the hair’s top section. However, when applied across the entire head, invisible tape extensions can result in a visibly bulky look (although the attachment point is not visible, bumps can be seen, and felt by the wearer) since they flow horizontally against the direction of your natural hair.

We’ve developed a unique ‘hybrid’ tape that is 1/4 the standard height, enabling the hair extension to flow in the same direction as your natural hair. This allows clients to wear their hair in different styles with zero visibility of the attachment point whilst retaining the slimness of traditional tapes. Combining the advantages of traditional and root-mimic tapes while effectively eliminating their drawbacks.

Our service explained

How we fit tape extensions

Tape in hair extensions are applied in pairs. There are two parts to the product, a top part and a bottom, the natural hair is cleanly sectioned, and the bottom piece of the tape is fixed to the hair sitting flush to the scalp, underneath the section of natural hair. Then, the top part of the extension is placed and aligned with the bottom, “sandwiching” the hair between the two taped sections.

We use a unique placement method that is applied around the head to create length, thickness or a combination of both; our method is required to be executed in a way that covers the natural hair to create a seamless blend of your hair and the extensions. This process must be carried out without overloading the head with the product and positioned so the wearer can still wear their hair up and in various styles, such as low and high ponytails, without the tapes being visible. The extensions, once applied, will be pain-free, comfortable and look like your natural hair.

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Tape extension maintenance

How re-fits work

Tape in extension maintenance

Around 6-8 weeks after your new tape extensions have been fitted, you will need to book a maintenance appointment. As your hair naturally grows, the tapes will move further away from the scalp and eventually become visible; during your appointment, the extensions will be removed, followed by a wash, cut and blow dry of your natural hair, the tapes are then re-applied closer to your scalp, and styled.

We use 4cm wide tapes with a specially developed medical-grade adhesive that is gentle on your natural hair, allowing it to grow while staying in position until you come to the salon for maintenance or removal. This adhesive allows us to remove the tapes quickly and easily without causing damage or leaving a sticky residue, which is unique throughout the industry.

4cm wide tapes allow for a longer period of wear without them becoming visible. Commonly used 3cm wide tapes tend to twist in the hair and show after around 4 weeks since they have a smaller contact point. For this reason, we only use 4cm tapes, so our clients can get 6-8 weeks of wear before needing their hair to be refitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Our Clients Often Ask

Can tape hair extensions damage your natural hair?

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Tape-in hair extensions are renowned for transforming hair into the long, luxurious, and thick locks many dream of, but will they damage your natural hair?

The risk of damage from tape hair extensions largely hinges on the expertise of the individual applying them and the quality of the product used. Our founders, with over two decades in the hair extension industry, assert that when a skilled professional applies high-quality tape hair extensions, they will not damage natural hair.

Our adhesive is gentle on your hair and is easily removed without sticky residue. Many tape products have harsh adhesives, which can cause damage during removal as the extensionist will have to pull or tug at the roots in order to remove them. Tape extensions also have a larger attachment area compared to other methods, which places less stress on your hair.

Our specially developed tapes and adhesive, combined with Louise Baileys’ unique application technique, will ensure that your natural hair will grows optimally and remains healthy.

Of course, as with anything, there are always exceptions, which you will read online, but these exceptions are usually when a low-quality product is used and applied by someone without the proper training or experience.

Will I be able to wear my hair in different styles?

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Yes! Hair extensions should never limit you from experimenting with new hairstyles. Louise’s unique placement method combined with our specially developed tapes allows clients quickly switch from a low or high ponytail with zero visibility of the extension’s attachment points.

How much will they cost?

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Unfortunately, we do not offer cheap hair extensions; due to the quality of hair and the product specification type we use in order to uphold the standards of work we are adamant about providing to all of our clients.

The beauty of tape hair extensions is that you can choose how many pairs you would like applied, enabling you to easily customise your budget and how you want your new hair to look.

See our pricing guide for more info

Will people know I have hair extensions fitted?

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Louise’s unique application method is designed to blend the extensions with your natural hair perfectly across different hairstyles, making them very hard to notice. People won’t be able to see them unless they physically lift your hair to expose the tape attachment points.

Can I wear my extensions whilst on holiday?

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Yes, the tape in method is suitable for holidays which are less than 8 weeks long. As long as you are caring for your hair properly and using the correct hair care products, tape-in extensions are a perfect choice for holiday hair.

*make sure to rinse your hair after swimming in sea or pool water, as both salt and chlorine can damage hair extensions (and your natural hair) when exposed for long periods of time*

How long will they take to apply?

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We are highly experienced at applying tape in extensions. It will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour to apply a full head of extensions. This includes preparation, cutting and styling times. You can book a complimentary consultation to speak with an expert for an exact time quote.

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