Clip In Hair Extensions

Length & Volume for special occasions

A temporary option to add a boost of length and volume to your hair for events and nights out

Clip in hair extensions application


What are clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are a temporary way of adding volume and length to your hair for events and nights out. The extensions are attached to your natural hair using small clips which are positioned close to your scalp, allowing clients to install and remove the extensions themselves. The clips can be completely hidden so that the extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair.

We offer a full consultation, fitting, cutting and blending service. With hair stocked in-salon, you can come in, get a perfect colour match and try the extensions next to your natural hair to ensure you love them and that they work for you. You’re also welcome to visit the salon and browse our hair collection with no obligation to purchase.

100% human hair

Our Clip Ins

We stock Extension Professional clip in hair extensions, with 25 shades available, including single tones, mixed root and balayage blends, ensuring a flawless colour match. Made from 100% Remy human hair, they offer versatility and can be styled with or without heat and washed just like your own hair. Experiment with length, volume and different styles without worrying about damage. Favoured by our clients for their durability, these hair extensions can last for years with proper care. Designed for comfort, they’re lightweight, and won’t pull or snag your natural hair.

We offer clip in hair extensions that measure 40cm in length and weigh 160g.

Extension Professional clip in hair extensions

In The Press

“The rate at which Bailey’s new range is selling (more than 20 in the first hour) is testimony to the market demand for an easy, professional-looking extension range”
Glamour magazine
“While this set doesn’t come cheap, it’s the easiest to install, care for, style and fit out of all the clip-in extensions we tried. There’s 21 shades to choose spanning both solid colours and highlighted styles in black, brunette and blonde hair colours. And all are available as 150g of hair that are 16in long.”
marie claire

“Extensions Pro uses only premium quality, ethically sourced human hair. ‘My clip-in hair extensions feature a unique two piece design with 150 grams of hair layered over two easy-to-use wefts – thus creating a seamless blend.’”

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Our Clients Often Ask

How much do clip in hair extensions cost?

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Clip in hair extensions are more affordable than other methods like bonded and tape hair extensions.

Our range of Extension Professional clip ins start at £300. Featuring a design that prioritises your natural hair health, they weigh 160 grams and are available in 25 colours with staged wefts.

For more info visit our prices page.

Can I have my clip ins colour matched and fitted in the salon?

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We offer consultation, fitting, cutting, and blending services. With full stock available at our Oxford Circus salon, you can come in and get the right colour match, then try out the extensions next to your natural hair to ensure they work and you love them. You can also learn how to properly install and remove clip-ins yourself from us.

Will clip in extensions damage my hair?

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Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent way to change your look without damaging your natural hair. However, when they’re not attached properly, clip-in hair extensions can cause damage to your natural hair. The clip itself can snag at your roots, especially if you have fine hair.

When wearing clip-in hair extensions, you should never wear them to bed, swimming, or exercising. If you wish to prevent damage to your hair, choose clip-in hair extensions made from high-quality materials. Using clip-in hair extensions while maintaining your natural hair health can be an excellent way to mix up your look.

What is "Remy" hair?

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Remy hair is made from 100% human hair with the cuticle still intact and aligned in the same direction since it’s all from the same hair donor. So if a hair product is described as “Remy”, you can be sure that it’s not synthetic.

Non-Remy human hair extensions are chemically processed to remove the cuticles, which are in opposite directions since the hair comes from different donors. The cuticle is then synthetically replaced with silicone to add a smooth finish that replicates the natural shine of Remy hair extensions. Unlike the natural cuticle present in Remy hair extensions, silicone degrades quickly, so with regular shampooing and hair drying, the silicone sealer will wear off. Resulting in hair that tangles easily, is dry, and looks unnatural.

Benefits of Remy Hair

  • Remy hair retains its silky texture and is resistant to matting and tangles
  • It’s the most natural-looking type of hair extension
  • It has a much longer lifespan compared to synthetic hair
  • Remy hair is not easily damaged from hair dye and heat
  • The hair has a natural shine that cannot be properly replicated with synthetic hair
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