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If you’re looking for the best hair extensions in London, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of skilled extensionists work closely with industry experts Louise Bailey and Moe Harb in the art of hair extension application, colour matching, cutting and styling. With their in-salon guidance, and hair quality which is unmatched by our competitors, we produce results that not only look, but feel completely natural while prioritising the health of your hair.

From lengthening short hair to thickening long hair and everything in between, we can turn your hair dreams into reality. Browse through our hair extensions before and after photos to give you some inspiration for your transformation.

Louise Bailey & Moe Harb

We house industry-leading experts

Louise Bailey has over two decades of experience applying and styling hair extensions; she is renowned throughout the industry and has trained hundreds of students, and well-known salons in her unique style of application and cutting techniques including the team at Harrods hair and beauty salon. In fact, you will find that many of London’s top hair extension experts have been trained personally by Louise. For the past five years, she has been selected as a judge for the UK hair extension competition at Salon International.

Moe Harb is known for his signature free-hand hair colour technique, but it’s his global experience developing luxury brands in the hair extension industry that has made him an iconic name. Featured in the likes of Forbes magazine, Moe was one of the first hairdressers in the world to use tape hair extensions for lengthening hair whilst working at Hairdreams International as a trainer in 2006.

Their combined wealth of knowledge has been passed onto our team to deliver the most natural-looking hair extensions in London.

Louise Bailey hair extension expert
colour matched hair extensions

A perfect colour match

Hair extensions that blend seamlessly

Achieving a natural-looking set of hair extensions requires a combination of high-quality human hair, expert application and styling finished with a flawless colour match so that the extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair. We are the only hair extensions salon in London with talented hair colour and extension specialists who have years of experience collaborating together, allowing us to create a seamless overall finish.

Before your application, you may need a colour touch-up or complete change if you’re looking for a significant transformation. We work closely with Moe and Shady Harb, who have been colouring hair since 2001. They will ensure your hair colour matches your new extensions perfectly.

We will never over-process your hair, which allows the top part of the natural hair to grow thick and strong while supporting the underneath of the hair, holding the extensions. This is achieved with our technical colour placement of highlights, balayage or tint, as well as a blend of hair extensions to add variegated, natural-looking colour.

Same-day consultations & Fittings

Fully stocked hair display

We have a tape hair extensions display with an extensive 50+ shades of the highest quality Remy human hair available, allowing same-day consultations and fittings. You’re welcome to browse through our hair collection so that you can experience the quality first-hand and see how it compares to other salons.

hair extensions display

The Press

Harpers Bazaar

“Walking through the doors of Beauty Club London – a vibrant beauty destination situated in the heart of Oxford Circus – it takes less than a moment to appreciate the level of talent flowing around the room. At first, your eyes are drawn to the playful décor, dancing disco ball and decked-out cocktail bar, but look beyond and you’ll see highly-talented stylists perfecting their craft.”

Forbes magazine

“Even lifelong hair obsessives will be put at ease when they sit down with Louise Bailey, one of London’s leading hair extension specialists. Believing no two heads of hair are ever the same, Bailey offers a bespoke service to every client. Working both at Harrods and at 28 Market Place in Fitzrovia, Bailey has become one of the most-sought-after names in the business, as celebrities and magazine editors alike crave her natural and lush extensions.”


“When it comes to London’s hair extensions scene, the young, fun and glamorous Louise Bailey is the reigning queen. With 22 years of experience and an extensive celebrity client list including Ellie Goulding and Yasmin Le Bon, she knows her tails from her lengths. In fact you’ll find that many of the capital’s top hair extension experts have been trained by Bailey personally.”


“Kill a number of birds with one stone at Beauty Club London, a one-stop-shop for excellent treatments within reaching distance of Oxford Circus station. As well as nail and blow dry appointments, their speciality is tape-in hair extensions which add volume and thickness to the hair, while maintaining a natural finish.”

Glamour magazine

“Their team of London’s best colourists and hair extension specialists will work together to create a custom look that blends naturally with your own hair using the luxury brand Hair Club Extensions. Louise Bailey and Moe Harb are a dream-team.”

Hello magazine

“The whole process was so quick and the extensions he chose couldn’t have been a closer match to my natural colour (brunette, plus added balayage). The expertise of the application is how they look so immaculate and Beauty Club London is a fail-safe whether you can’t be without your extensions or it’s your very first time.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Our Clients Often Ask

Which extensions should I get if I have fine hair?

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For finer hair types, we recommend tape in hair extensions. This is because tape extensions have a bigger attachment point compared to the amount of hair they hold, resulting in less strain placed on your natural hair.

Bonds have a much smaller attachment point which places more tension on fine hair. Many salons recommend bonded extensions as it requires a high level of experience to blend tapes with finer hair types and create a natural result.

Will I be able to wear my hair in different styles?

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Absolutely! Hair extensions shouldn’t restrict your ability to try out different hairstyles. Our highly experienced extensionists will strategically position your tapes or bonds, enabling you to switch between low and high ponytails.

Why don't you fit micro / nano ring hair extensions?

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The health of our client’s natural hair is our priority. Our team are trained in applying and removing micro ring hair extensions, but we decided to stop fitting them for good in 2019.

Micro ring hair extensions have a very small attachment point compared to the amount of hair they hold. This causes high levels of tension which can damage fine hair types. Unlike other methods, the metal rings show when the hair is worn up in different styles. In addition, micro rings create a ‘stringy’ and unnatural look even when applied by a highly experienced extensionist due to their small attachment area.

So, in conclusion, micro ring hair extensions are more expensive for the client, more likely to cause damage and take much longer to service without any major benefits over bonded or tape in hair extensions.

Can I swim with hair extensions?

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Yes, it’s fine to go for a swim with tape or bonded hair extensions fitted, but it’s very important that you rinse them with tap water after you’ve finished swimming.

Chlorine and salt can cause the bonds or tape-in adhesive to break down and even discolour the extensions (and your natural hair) when left in the hair for long periods of time.

*We recommend removing clip-in extensions before swimming.*

Will people know I have hair extensions in?

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If the hair extensions are high-quality and applied correctly by an experienced extensionist, people will not be able to tell. We take pride in offering the highest quality hair extensions combined with our unique application technique. This ensures a seamless and undetectable look, even if the hair is worn in a ponytail. We treat our hair extensions like your own hair by colour matching and blending them to look completely natural.

Do I need a consultation before my fitting?

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Yes, a consultation is always needed before having your hair extensions fitted so we can assess the health of your scalp and hair to check for any contra-indications and make sure we tailor our approach so that you can achieve the best results.

Consultations last an average of 15 minutes, and since we have a full stock of tape in extensions available in-salon, we can begin applying your new extensions straight after your consultation is finished. Alternatively, you can book to have your extensions fitted at a later date.

How often should I wash my hair extensions?

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You should wash your hair extensions as often as you need to. However, washing extensions daily can deteriorate the bonds or tape in attachment points. Louise recommends washing your hair extensions no more than three times per week to keep them in the best possible condition. Blow dry with a round bristle brush and use a nozzle on your hair dryer for a smooth finish.

Clip in hair extensions don’t need to be washed as often since they don’t receive as many oils from the scalp. We recommend washing your hair with the clips ins installed every 20 wears or when they become visibly unclean.

What is Remy hair?

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Remy hair is made from 100% human hair with the cuticle still intact and aligned in the same direction since it’s all from the same donor. So if a hair product is described as ‘Remy’, you can be sure that it’s not synthetic.

Non-Remy human hair extensions are chemically processed to remove the cuticles, which are in opposite directions since the hair comes from different donors. The cuticle is then synthetically replaced with silicone to add a smooth finish that replicates the natural shine of human hair. Unlike the natural cuticle present in Remy hair extensions, silicone degrades quickly, so with regular shampooing and hair drying, the silicone sealer will wear off. Resulting in hair that tangles easily, is dry, and looks unnatural.

Benefits of Remy Hair:

  • Remy hair retains its silky texture and is resistant to matting and tangles.
  • It’s the most natural-looking type of hair extension.
  • It has a much longer lifespan compared to synthetic hair.
  • Remy hair is not easily damaged by hair dye and heat.
  • The hair has a natural shine that cannot be accurately replicated with synthetic hair.
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