10 May 2024

Evolution of Hair Trends: A Look at the Most Popular Styles from 2020 to 2023

Hair trends are always evolving, and it's no secret that celebrities have been the centre of inspiration behind some of the most iconic styles from the ‘90s Rachel to the modern fascination with colouring techniques such as balayage and highlights.

With new trends capturing our clients’ imaginations every season, we have analysed and tracked them from 2020 - 2023 to find the six most popular hairstyles and services, which we have laid out for you in this article.

The Hair Trends

Recently, new styles and hair colours have become popular. The past few months have seen celebrities like Lily Allen, Dua Lipa and Cardi B transform their hair with shades of red and burgundy. On the other hand, we have celebrities like Beyonce, Halsey and Zendaya showing sneak peeks of their platinum blonde and honey blonde hairstyles.

Face Framing

Face Framing Highlights Searches

According to our research, ‘face-framing highlights’ saw the most significant surge in popularity, with a notable increase in searches over the past four years. This technique, which involves adding lighter strands around the face to enhance facial features, has been adopted by celebrities like Eva Longoria and Beyoncé, contributing to its popularity. In London alone, searches for this style increased by 118%, indicating a strong preference for this subtle yet impactful look.

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Highlights Searches

Searches for highlights have also grown in popularity, with a 23% increase for this classic hair colour service over the past four years. This is the perfect option for those looking to add uniform dimension to their hair. Highlights have been most popular in Swansea, with a 129% increase in searches for this service.

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Balayage Hair Trend Searches

Balayage continues to hold the crown as the most sought-after hair colouring technique, with nearly 700,000 searches over the four-year period of our study. Its natural-looking results and lower maintenance appeal have made it a favourite among stars like Jesy Nelson and Margot Robbie. The technique’s popularity peaked in 2021 but remained high in 2023, showcasing its foothold as the most in-demand hair colour technique by far.

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Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions Searches

Long hair has always been a trend, but not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with perfect hair. Hair Extensions are a solution as old as the wheel (the first documented use of hair extensions was in 3400 BC). Although you will be glad to know, unlike the wheel, hair extensions have come a long way since then in terms of comfort, ease of wear and ability to blend with your natural hair. 

Tape in hair extensions, in particular, is the most modern method since they combine the ability to add length and volume to all hair types while prioritising the health of your natural hair. Tape extensions have been particularly popular in London, Preston and Swansea, which have all seen a 67 percent increase in searches for this service. Overall, there have been over 50,000 searches for tape extensions in the past four years, proving they’re a popular option for enhancing natural hair.

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Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Extension Searches

Interest in clip-in hair extensions also skyrocketed in 2022, with over 27,000 average monthly searches. These temporary extensions are the perfect solution to add a boost of length and volume for events and nights out. Blending with natural hair, clip-ins can be easily applied, removed and reused without having to visit a salon. Clip in extensions have been incredibly popular in Swansea, Milton Keynes and London. Among many celebrities, Jenifer Lopez is well known for embracing hair extensions to achieve her long hair.

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Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded Hair Extension Searches

Bonded extensions, which are bonded to the hair with a keratin formula, are ideal for longer-lasting extensions. With an average monthly search volume of 4,200 across the UK, these are still a popular option. London and Swansea have seen a 67% increase in searches over the past four years.

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To Summarise

Louise Bailey, our in-house hair extensions expert at Beauty Club London, notes that we are seeing a dynamic shift in hair styling preferences, moving towards more personalised and natural-looking options. As we enter 2024, these trends will likely evolve further. This blend of nostalgia and innovation makes the hair industry a fascinating mirror of broader cultural trends.


The data has been collected via a range of reputable tools providing the latest information. For each hairstyle service, figures have been found for the UK as a collective and broken down to specific cities based on their population. Based on the popularity of the services and the population of the city for each of the four years, data has been collated and percentage growth has been calculated for each city in each year as well as for the United Kingdom year on year for each service.

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