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perfect for refreshing your hair or covering greys

Long-lasting hair colour in a variety of shades from vibrant reds to deep browns and everything in between

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What is Tint hair colouring?

Tint is a permanent way to change your hair colour or touch up your roots. It’s commonly used to cover grey hair, change hair colour completely with single-tone fashion colours, or enhance natural tones with deeper hues. There are a wide variety of shades to choose from for hair tinting, so there’s something for every personality and style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Our Clients Often Ask

How is Tint applied?

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1. Consultation

We begin with a personalized consultation. During this discussion, we assess the client’s hair texture, natural hair colour, and desired outcome. This step is crucial in determining where and how the tint should be placed and intensified to ensure a customised result that complements your individual features and style while ensuring the health of your natural hair is prioritised.

2. Preparing Your Hair

Your assistant stylist will prepare your hair for the tinting process. This might include a light shampoo or simply brushing out your hair to remove any styling products. We usually recommend that you come with hair that isn’t freshly washed, as natural oils can protect your scalp during the dyeing process.

3. Colour Mixing

We use professional-grade hair tints that are mixed specifically for your hair type and desired color. The tint will be carefully measured and blended to ensure a perfect colour match and lasting results.

4. Sectioning and Application

Your hair will be divided into sections for even application. Your stylist will apply the tint meticulously, starting from the roots and moving towards the ends of your hair.

5. Processing Time

The tint will need to sit on your hair for a specific amount of time (usually around 45 minutes), which can vary depending on the desired shade and your natural hair type. During this time, feel free to relax and enjoy a drink from our bar.

6. Rinsing and Conditioning

Once your hair has been processed, your stylist will rinse out the tint with lukewarm water until it runs clear. We use professional-grade products to wash and condition your hair, specially formulated for colour-treated hair to enhance the durability and vibrancy of your new colour.

7. Drying and Styling

After the tint is fully rinsed, your assistant stylist will towel-dry your hair gently and apply a post-colour treatment to seal the colour and add shine. Your hair will then be blow-dried and styled as you desire, showcasing your new colour.

8. Aftercare Advice

We will be available to provide you with tailored advice on how to care for your tinted hair, including recommending products that will help maintain the colour and health of your hair. We’ll also discuss when to schedule your next appointment to touch up the roots or refresh the colour.

9. Follow-up

For first-time colours or significant changes, we may suggest a follow-up visit to ensure that the tint has settled well and you are happy with your new look!

How long does it take to apply Tint?

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The total time spent in the salon for a hair tinting session can vary significantly based on several factors, including the complexity of your desired colour, the length and thickness of your hair. On average, you can expect the process to take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. This includes consultation, preparation, application, processing time, rinsing, and styling.
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