15 May 2024

Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide

The key to maintaining beautiful extensions lies in proper aftercare. Hair extensions have become a popular way to instantly transform your look, adding length, volume, and versatility to your hairstyle. In this guide, we will cover all the necessary steps to take care of your hair extensions, from brushing and styling to maintenance removal.

There are various types of hair extensions including clip-ins, tape-ins, and bonded hair extensions – each with their own application method and durability. Beauty Club London‘s tape in hair extensions are the most popular as a permanent solution and our clip-ins as a temporary fix. Understanding the type of extensions you have is crucial for implementing the right hair extensions aftercare routine.

Why Aftercare Matters

Neglecting aftercare can lead to tangling, matting, and even damage to your natural hair. You can extend the lifespan of your extensions and maintain the health of your natural hair by investing time and effort into a proper aftercare routine.

Daily Care Routine

Make sure you wash your extensions with a sulphate-free shampoo and avoid excessive rubbing or tangling. When drying your hair, pat it gently with a towel or use a low heat setting on your blow dryer to prevent damage. Follow up with a lightweight conditioner, applying it from mid-length to ends to avoid weighing down the roots.

You can transform your look and boost your confidence by having hair extensions, but they also require regular care and maintenance. Here are all the steps you need to take care of your hair extensions, from brushing and styling to removing them.

Avoiding Damage

Limit the use of heat styling tools such as straighteners and curling irons to prevent heat damage to both your extensions and natural hair. Additionally, avoid chemical treatments such as bleaching or colouring near the roots of your extensions, as this can weaken the bonds and cause breakage.

Protective Styling

Opt for hairstyles that put minimal stress on your extensions, such as loose braids or ponytails. Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and prevent tangling while you sleep.

Product Recommendations

Choose hair care products specifically formulated for use with extensions, avoiding products containing sulphates or alcohol, which can strip the hair of its natural oils. Look for nourishing leave-in treatments and oils to keep your extensions soft and manageable.

Professional Maintenance

Schedule regular visits to your stylist for maintenance, including tightening or reapplication of extensions as needed. Trimming the ends of your extensions can help prevent split ends and keep them looking fresh.

Long-Term Care

As your natural hair grows, you may need to adjust the placement of your extensions to ensure a seamless blend. When it’s time to remove your extensions, consult a professional to avoid causing damage to your natural hair.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid overwashing your extensions, as this can strip them of moisture and cause them to become dry and brittle. Likewise, using the wrong type of brush or comb can lead to tangling and breakage.

DIY Aftercare Tips

Treat your extensions to a homemade hair mask once a week to keep them hydrated and nourished. Ingredients like coconut oil, honey, and avocado are great for restoring moisture and shine to your hair.

Caring for Different Hair Types

Different hair textures require different aftercare routines. For example, curly extensions may need more moisture to maintain their shape, while straight extensions may require less frequent washing to prevent oil buildup.

When styling your extensions for a special event, opt for gentle, heat-free styling methods to avoid damage. Temporary hair accessories like clips and headbands can add extra flair without compromising the health of your extensions.

If you experience tangling or matting, gently detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb, starting from the ends and working your way up. For itching or discomfort, consult your stylist for advice on soothing treatments or adjustments to your aftercare routine.

Woman Straightening Hair In Mirror - Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide

The Dos and Don’ts of Hair Extension Aftercare


Using a hair extension brush designed to detangle without pulling on the extensions is an essential step in preventing tangling and matting, which can cause damage and breakage to your extensions.


To keep your extensions clean and free of buildup, use a cleansing shampoo. When washing, make sure your head is upright, and scrub your scalp in between the tapes. Rinse thoroughly to remove any shampoo residue.


Apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding the taped areas. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb to distribute evenly, and rinse thoroughly.


You can maintain the health and shine of your extensions by applying a monthly treatment to the mid-lengths and ends, combing through, and then rinsing.


To achieve a smooth, glossy look, use a hair dryer with a nozzle and a round bristle brush. Section your hair and work through each section with the brush while directing the heat from the dryer.


After washing, towel dry your hair and comb through, making sure to be gentle with your extensions. Allow your extensions to air dry first before using a hair dryer on a low heat setting.


Avoid using excessive heat on your hair extensions, as this can cause damage and breakage. Always use a heat protectant spray and keep the temperature low to prevent heat damage.


It is important not to remove your hair extensions yourself. Always seek the help of a hair professional to remove them safely and correctly.


To protect your natural hair and maintain the integrity of your extensions, keep to your refit dates. Six to eight weeks is the maximum wear time before needing a refit.


After swimming, rinse your hair extensions thoroughly to remove any chlorine or saltwater residue. Avoid exposing your extensions to too much sun, as this can cause them to fade and become brittle.

Things to Avoid

Avoid going to bed with wet hair, as this can cause tangles and matting. Also, avoid using dry shampoo or oil-based products near the tapes, as this can cause them to fall out. Lastly, do not allow your hair extensions to come into contact with hair colour, chlorine, fake tan, or sun tan cream, as these products can cause discoloration.

Taking care of your hair extensions is essential to keep them looking their best and prolong their lifespan. Follow these steps for proper maintenance and enjoy your beautiful, healthy hair extensions for longer.

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