20 May 2024

Hair Extensions: Comfort Myths Debunked! Are They Really Comfortable?

Gone are the days when hair extensions looked like straggly curtains hanging from your favourite celebrity’s head. An experienced hair extensionist using high-quality hair (because, oh my, are there some bad extensions out there) can create length and volume that looks completely natural, even under close inspection.

However, a common concern prevails amid the allure of instant length and volume: Are hair extensions comfortable?

The main factors that influence hair extension comfort

Quality Matters

The quality of hair extensions plays a massive role in comfort. Remy human hair extensions offer a lightweight, breathable feel that mimics your natural hair. Avoid synthetic options or heavily processed human hair, as these are heavier and less breathable, which causes discomfort, particularly when exercising or in hot weather.

Weight Distribution:

Proper weight distribution is essential for comfortable hair extensions. Depending on the attachment method and hair density, poorly distributed weight can lead to tension headaches and scalp discomfort. Our highly experienced stylists use Louise Bailey’s unique application technique, strategically placing the extensions to create a natural result while prioritising your comfort and the health of your hair. 

Scalp Sensitivity:

Certain extension methods are better suited to sensitive scalps. Tape-in extensions, for instance, feature ultra-thin adhesive strips that lie flat against the hair. They avoid direct contact with the scalp, eliminating irritation that can be caused by other methods.

Breathability and Ventilation:

Breathability plays a huge role in the comfort of hair extensions, especially for individuals wearing them for extended periods. Opt for human hair extensions that allow ample airflow, preventing excess heat and moisture buildup and enhancing overall comfort.

Tips for Ensuring Comfort:

  • Consultation with a hair extension specialist: Schedule a consultation with an experienced stylist. They can assess your unique hair type, scalp condition, and lifestyle to recommend the most comfortable extension method tailored to your needs.
  • Invest in Quality Extensions: Prioritize quality when selecting hair extensions. High-quality, ethically sourced human hair extensions offer superior comfort and durability, ensuring seamless integration with your natural hair.
  • Following Aftercare Advice: Adhering to a regular care routine is essential for prolonging the lifespan of your extensions and ensuring ongoing comfort. Follow care instructions provided by your stylist, including gentle washing, detangling, and avoiding excessive heat styling.
  • Maintenance Appointments: Following your recommended maintenance appointments is important to ensure that your extensions are repositioned properly as your natural hair grows.

Which hair extension method is the most comfortable?

All modern hair extension methods should feel comfortable, but we always recommend tape hair extensions to clients looking for the most comfortable method since they sit flat against your hair and have a bigger attachment area compared to methods such as bonds and micro rings while not sacrificing the ability to blend with your natural hair.


High-quality hair extensions applied by an experienced stylist should always feel comfortable. However, discomfort often arises when a low-quality product is applied to the hair incorrectly, which can cause itchiness, overheating, or even tension headaches in the worst cases. 

The comfort of hair extensions is not a one-size-fits-all concept but a personalised experience influenced by the various factors mentioned in this article. If you experience any discomfort, contact your stylist. Hair extensions should be comfortable and pain-free.

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